Sunday, December 20, 2009

My First Snow Day!

Today was the little man's first snow day and so far it looks as though we subscribe to the same 30/30 rule as most every other family of small kids does. 30 solid minutes of piling on layer after layer of clothing as if you're preparing the kid for a month long treck through Antartica, only to last about 30 actual seconds outside "playing" in the snow. It's a rite of passage I guess and at least we got some cute shots. 

We didn't get as much snow as some other areas nearby but we were still lucky enough to be blanketed with about 8 white wintery inches. One of the highlights of the day for sure was a visit from Santa who arrived by firetruck to dole out candy canes to every kid that lives in town. 

We ended the day by attending a Christmas Carol night at the pond which showcased some largely decent guitar players/vocalists from our area singing traditional Christmas songs. Everyone who attended was treated to hot chocolate, a bonfire and the occasional snowball fight off in the distance by some excited kids who were doing their best to "skate" on the pond without getting caught. All in all, I would say the little man is off to a pretty good start for his first Christmas...

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