Friday, April 2, 2010

The Friday Highlight

BEABA Babycook

Today's highlight is on the most used appliance in my kitchen at the moment, The BEABA Babycook.

I received this cute little device as a gift at my baby shower from my sister in law, who is well versed in my love of cooking and thought I might like to try my hand at making my own baby food once the Little Man arrived.

I have been using the babycook since LM started on solids and I have to admit, I LOVE it.

Could you make your own freshly made organic purees for baby with items you already own in your own kitchen? absolutely. I have to admit though, the BEABA makes it so darn easy that it doesn't make sense to dirty a bunch of pots, food processors, etc... when you don't have to.

You simply put the diced food in of your choice, steam for 15 minutes, then puree, all in the same bowl and voila! Homemade, not to mention seriously delicious baby food that you can serve to your hungry little bean. You also get to experiment and make whatever combinations your little love likes, to come up with dishes perfectly suited to their tastes.

*** One caveat that I must mention however is that my son seems to have become spoiled by developing a palette for fresh veggies and fruits, that he now refuses to eat jarred baby food of any kind. I have tried several kinds and he clamps his mouth shut and turns his head away as if to say "You're trying to pass that chopped beef off as the filet mignon I'm used to? pssshhhhh, yeah right."

The BEABA is a bit pricey as an initial investment at $149.95, but the only money I'm shelling out beyond that is fresh or freshly frozen organic produce to make purees out of, which when compared with the cost of jarred food, is a savings for sure.

I personally feel like it's worth it because I'm giving my son a great start in life by introducing healthy eating habits to him and a vast array of fresh natural foods, that will hopefully turn him into an adventurous eater. In an age where childhood obesity is on the rise in our country, it feels good to know that you're trying to form these healthy habits from the start.

FYI....the BEABA can also be used to make great recipes for toddlers as their eating habits increase, insuring that you get your money's worth once they move beyond baby purees.

Happy Cooking!

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