Monday, April 12, 2010

Wonderful Weekends

Don't you just love a truly wonderful weekend? 
This past weekend was just that.
Gorgeous weather. Great Friends. Good Times.
What could be better in life?

Friday we took an impromptu drive up to Connecticut to visit some of our dearest friends to celebrate our buddy Kevin's bday. It proved to be a trip worth taking, though I can't remember the last time that it wasn't. 

Saturday morning LM and a group of adorable little loves were in a photo shoot for a non-profit that I run, which we are going to post on our new website launch later this Spring.

Saturday afternoon took us to yet another friend's bday bash, complete with a band in the backyard (how fun!) where we whiled away the rest of the day enjoying the sun and lots of laughs.

And Sunday I spent another beautiful day apartment hunting with my brother- in- law and his fab fiance. It was so fun to watch them scoping out different places to start their life together and it made me nostalgic for when the hubbs and I bought our first place together and the excitement that we felt. 

Even though from the outside our weekend sounded really busy, I woke up this morning feeling refreshed from all of the down time with friends which I sorely needed. Sometimes just getting to spend easy time with people you love is just what you need to break from the everyday.

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