Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To be young again

How great to be young again when life is so simple.

No worries or stress created by work, family, personal issues, etc...

No- "I overslept and then my kid threw his breakfast all over the kitchen, then he peed on himself twice which resulted in multiple changes this morning, and then my babysitter was late so I couldn't get out the door on time and that's why I missed the meeting this morning."

Just simple joy and delight in the everyday, knowing that everything is A-OK.
Not a care in the world.
Everything is so new and exciting, everyday.

Take for example a carousel ride for the first time. 
How exhilirating.

Reveling in the wind blowing in your hair. 
The cheerful music that lets you know something fun is about to happen. 
The exciting surprise the first time your animal lifts off the platform and sends you up into the air as you swing around the bend and catch a friendly wave from Mom or Dad.

3 minutes of pure bliss.
When 3 minutes used to feel like an eternity.

I want to be young again. 
Doesn't it look great?!

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