Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Because I'm Worth It... At Least That's What The Commercials Tell Me

Today was a glorious day, a day like I haven't experienced in awhile.

Today was my hair appointment.

Yes, a glorious, selfish, all about me hair appointment.

 You see, since I had my son my hair has been sort of in crisis mode. While I was pregnant I had glorious thick, shiny, shampoo commercial hair- the kind of hair I've always wanted. Post baby, it's more of the greasy, stringy, flat and often filled with spit-up nature.

It's amazing what a day at the salon can do for a woman. I swear I walk a little taller, feel a little lighter on my feet and have a little more pep in my step after I leave the salon.

I walked in sorely in need of follicle assistance complete with split ends, overgrown bangs and a two toned hair shade and not in a cool trendy hi-light sort of way either. More like if you broke my entire mane into two seperate sections you would find that north of the equator I was a mousy librarian living in North Dakota and south of the equator I was a bright lively blonde frolicking on a beach in Southern California-not exactly my best look.

After 3 hours of sitting in a comfy chair filled with shoulder rubs, scalp massages, unlimited cappucino's and free wifi- I walked out sparkly, sunny, bouncy and smelling of coconuts. While it was nice to have a few selfish hours to myself not cleaning up spit-up or changing 15 diapers in 2 hours- all things I'm happy to do most days out of love for my son, it mostly just felt good to feel like "me" again.

I highly recommend it.


  1. Oh a day at the salon can work wonders! Marvelous wonders! Just wanted to pop over and say hi! I love to meet new readers. You're son is adorable. Thanks for adding us to your side bar.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! and thanks for the compliments about the little guy, we think he's pretty great too :)


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