Friday, January 8, 2010

The Friday Highlight

So I've decided that on Friday's, I will highlight an item from my "loves list" to express my fondness for said item and why.

This week's highlight goes to....

Boogie Wipes

Boogie what, you say? Boogie Wipes. An ingenious creation thought up by none other than 2 moms. Anyone who has ever had a crusty nosed kid will love this product. At first it may not seem like much but once you try them, I swear you'll love them too.

Everyone knows that it's cold and flu season and whether you are diligiently keeping the "pig" germs at bay like a gladiator warrior, fighting daily bugs passed around the playgroup or tackling the
"how is it possible that my kid is sick again for the 6th time this month (?)" ailments, you will find a friend in the Boogie Wipe.

Boogie Wipes are saline soaked wipes that were created to clean up everything from simple runny noses- to the crustiest, gookiest jobs. Anyone who has ever used a saline spray/aspirator combo on their child knows that they wrech around like a scene out of Alien when performed. While this is effective at getting packed mucus out of the nostrils, it does nothing to combat a running faucet of a nose, nor does it protect or prevent the irritation and chafe that inevitably builds with each wipe of a tissue, burp cloth, sleeve, etc... How else to provide these little ones with relief, while avoiding a call to the authorities from neighbors concerned of the horrific screams coming from your house?

Enter the Boogie Wipe.

Not only does it keep the nose area moist but it also leaves behind a layer of saline that protects the delicate nostrils from growing the hated crust.  Not that the horrified crust can be entirely avoided though. Take for instance a sick child waking up from a cold induced 2 hour nap. Of course you aren't going to be wiping in their sleep, so combatting crusted over nostrils will be definite. Noone wants to dig and scrape at their kid's nose because they absolutely hate this and because we hate to see our kid's in pain. Believe me when I tell you that I have seen cement roadblocks of mucus that were blocking my son's nostrils- literally wiped away with one sweep of a Boogie Wipe, without so much as a grimace. They have certainly found a fan in me.

Did I also mention that they come in sweet scents like grape and congestion relieving menthol? My son has now taken to trying to lick the wipe everytime it comes near his face, something he never did when he saw my sleeve approaching.

Here are some quick facts on the Boogie Wipe:

* Made with Natural Saline to Dissolve Mucus
* Hypoallergenic
* Alcohol Free
* Moisturize with Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile
* Fun Scents Kids Love
* Gentle Enough for All Ages
* Phthalate & Paraben Free

For more information about Boogie Wipes as well as where to purchase them, check out their site here:
Boogie Wipes Home

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