Monday, January 11, 2010


Today was our weekly Mommy & Me Yoga class, which we look forward to every week. It's fun to take the little ones to class and see how they respond to certain poses. Plus there's really nothing cuter than a little 2ft peanut performing a sun salutation (with some assistance of course.)

One of our mom friend's had these cute shirts made for all of the little ones in our class. I think they are super adorable, they are even personalized for each kid with their names on the back. They look like a little gang of ninja's with their matching black uniforms on- too cute. Now if only we could teach them how to speak like they do in Kung Fu movies with their mouths moving on delay of the actual words coming out and we would really be on to something.

I was hoping to get a picture of all of the kids today with their matching get-ups on but Jax decided to fall asleep on the way to class, snooze right through the whole thing and not wake up until after we got home- which is a rarity. The picture above was taken just before we left the house. Hopefully next week I can share a shot of the whole gang.

All was not lost though, at least I was able to indulge in an entire 60 minute yoga session without 4 diaper changes and a bottle break. Perhaps the little man was masterminding the whole thing to support my current "situation." If you need further insight into this, please see "Resolutions" below. Either way, I was grateful for the workout as finding the time to care for myself lately has also been somewhat of a rarity.

So for that Jax Man, I say "Namaste."

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