Friday, January 22, 2010

The Friday Highlight

Sleep Sheep

Today's highlight is of one of my hands down favorite baby gadget/gizmo/toy/mommy assistant etc...

May I introduce to you, The Sleep Sheep.

My love for this cuddly little dose of baby ambian disguised as an adorable little farm animal is intense. I'm talking crazy lunatic, panty throwing at your favorite rock concert intense.

This adorable little sheep has been at my son's side since the day we brought him home from the hospital. For him, it immediately signals that it's time for sleep, once the sweet sounds of ocean waves (a Wile family fave) slapping the shore begin to waft out of the little speaker hidden in its body. As soon as he hears it, my son starts to calm down and settle in, allowing himself to relax and let go of all of the pressures of the day that come from playing, rolling over, spitting up and pooping. Hey, these tasks are exhausting people!

When my son was a newborn and sleeping in the bassinet in our room, my husband used to laugh that if he closed his eyes he actually felt like we lived at the beach- right before he passed out.  Clearly it even works on adults.

I love this product so much that when I noticed that they sold a Sleep Sheep To Go, which is a mini version for strollers and carseats, I snapped it up immediately. This little item has even cured my son of his intense hatred for the carseat ever since our "little" roadtrip over Thanksgiving when my son melted down on I-95 while we were sitting in dead stopped traffic still several hours and 4 states from home. The same trip that resulted in an extremely luxurious overnight stay in one of Virgina's finest interstate-side motels while the 4 of us (our dog included) cried ourselves to sleep. The trip was so traumatic that as soon as we returned, whenever I tried to put my son in the carseat he would act as though I was trying to dip him in a pool of battery acid and would scream until we reached our destination and was set free.

The Sleep Sheep has changed all of that. I purchased the mini in a flitter of hope that it would help my son feel calm like he is when he is in his room. I attached the fluffy little guy to the carseat during one of the Little Man's epic meltdowns as we were preparing to leave for his monthly check-up and Voila! Dead silence. He immediately stopped crying and dare I say smiled? Within minutes he had calmly dozed off in his seat and had to be woken up to receive his check-up. Life has been this glorious ever since.

Thank you Sleep Sheep. Thank you.

If you have a product that you can't live without, I'd love to hear about it!
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  1. You do not have to tell my twice (but hehe you now have). I am sold. I will be picking up both this weekend along with a few other clutch registry items we did not receive last weekend. I have friends who have used the Brookstone white noise machine but why buy that when you can get 2 cute sleep sheep for less?


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