Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

So tomorrow, I am embarking on my first flight with the Little Man. Solo. (shudder)

I have been quite fortunate in my lifetime to take some pretty amazing trips, so I consider myself a well seasoned traveler-one who is familiar with the in's and out's of airport protocol as well as how to make my trip go smoothly by planning accordingly. However, it will be LM's very first time ever on an airplane and my first time flying with a baby in tow.

I have absolutely zero idea what to expect because I'm smart enough to not allow my mind to go there.

The reason for this trip is to visit Jax's Grammy in Florida, who I'm sure has been counting down the seconds until our arrival, in the same way a life sentence inmate does- by painfully scratching each one off on the wall with a makeshift shank since I booked our flight a month ago. I have no doubt that she will be dancing with excitement at the gate as we walk off the jetway and I also have no doubt that I will be relieved to find the extra hands at the other end.

Until we reach our destination though, I am following my friend Katie's sage advice- whom after several trips by air in the last few months with her adorable 7 month old in tow, should now be considered a professional- and I'm just going to approach this positively like it is a great little adventure that we are going on. No stress, whatever happens, happens- just try to have fun with it.

I will do my best.

For anyone who is traveling to Tampa tomorrow out of Newark, may I offer my apologies in advance- please take sympathy on me. I am going to try and "plan accordingly" but I realize that this will still most certainly leave me at a disadvantage, somewhere along our journey, in the midst of some unforseen circumstances.

I'll be sure to share our trials and tribulations when we return.

Wish us luck!

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