Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And by "NO" you mean...."YES?"

Just this past weekend, I was having an interesting conversation with some great friends about when and how we could start to implement some disciplinary structure into the lives of our little loves.

  • At what point do they really start to understand? 
  • What is considered a temper tantrum at 7 months? (For the record, I believe I'm starting to recognize them.) 
  • How do you really teach these little ones- whom I'm pretty sure do not posess the ability to reason just yet, to stop doing that thing you wish they weren't doing?
  • At one point do these exercises in discovery turn into bad habits?
Sadly, you won't find the answers to any of these questions here. I'm a first time Mom, remember? I have no idea what I'm doing!

I did however find this morning's post on Stroller Traffic to be interesting in regard to certain things we should take note of as we start to descend down the slippery slope of "NOville."

Turns out all that clapping and enthusiasm already has me off to a bad start....

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