Monday, March 8, 2010

We're back!

Sorry for the complete and utter lack of posts recently. The long hiatus was not intentional, life just sort of happened and managed to get in the way.

I hadn't even realized it had been as long as it had until a friend pointed out this weekend that she was wondering where all the new posts have been? I thought I was only a few days behind until I realized that my last post was on February 19th. Yikes, sorry about that. Doesn't look like I'll be dominating the blogosphere any time soon with that track record.

 Remember that time I mentioned my penchant for starting projects and then ditching them? I'll try not to let that happen here again.

In case you're wondering where and what we've been doing for the last few weeks, a quick recap I suppose is in order.

The Little Man and I made another journey down to the Sunshine State as the hubbs was traveling there on business, so we arranged to meet up and have a few relaxing days by the sea. It also provided a great opportunity for me to meet my new nephew Aimon as well, since they don't live too far from where we were staying. Aimon is such an adorable little nugget that I almost couldn't believe that my little man was ever that small. It really feels like a huge amount of time has gone by when he was that little but it was a just a few months! The time really flies, to see where he is now from where he started, is astonishing.

While yet another huge winter storm raged on at home dropping over 2ft of additional snow on our already snow smothered lawns, we enjoyed mild 60 degree temps while lunching alfresco and looking at the ocean. Remind me again why I live in the Northeast? Oh right, one word- O.C.T.O.B.E.R.
 But that's a whole other story.....

The sunsets were beyond gorgeous and we were even able to sneak in the LM's first swim on one of the warmer days as the pool happened to be heated to a balmy 90 degrees, essentially simulating a giant bathtub which made my son downright giddy, as there is nothing he loves more than his baths.

We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying some Spring walks on the beach and relaxing dinners after the little man had gone to sleep as well as just generally enjoying some nice family time away from the everyday grind.

After a long cold winter at home, it was just what the doctor ordered.

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