Thursday, February 18, 2010

600 Plus??

So I just noticed today that my blog has had over 600 plus views? Really?? I thought the only people reading this were my immediate family and bestest of friends judging by the amount of followers I have. Unless of course it's just my mother hitting refresh all day long, in which case if it is, thanks Mom. :)

For most other bloggers 600 views is a measly number but for me it's substantial as I'm not even sure I know 600 people. Or 300 people for that matter that would be willing to check this out more than once.

All of a sudden I feel the need to become a better blogger since it would seem I have a decent amount of lurkers. I'll get to work on that asap but in the interim, thank you to all of the secret readers for making me feel as though my random ramblings on life and motherhood are worth checking out.

Feel free to follow along publicly (as it would be shamelessly great for my ego ) and offer your suggestions, favorite products or random musings of your own. I'm an open book and love to hear about what other mom's are doing, as I'm all about sharing the wealth.

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