Friday, February 5, 2010

The Friday Highlight

Patemm Pads

Patemm Pads are a great solution to the wrestling match that takes place during diaper changes once the little ones begin to move around much more freely. Their round design makes it easy to place your little bean in virtually any direction while knowing that their little bits are easily covered. 

No more trying to gently pin your kid down on a small rectangle that they outgrew months ago. Nor do you have to worry that as soon as they roll to one side- while you quickly gather supplies- that they have their hands (ultimately ending up in their mouths) touching dirty changing tables or play gym floors.

Patemm Pads come in a rainbow of colors and designs and are available in organic fabrics as well. Each pad is eco-friendly and PVC free, is capable of storing spare diapers, wipes and even a spare set of clothes, all while folding up neatly into one little pouch that is easy to carry and cuts down on the amount of stuff we lug around.

What's not to love?

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