Monday, February 1, 2010

Be Mine.

Happy February!

This month is just what I need to perk up from the post holiday haze and frigid January temps that have left me feeling less than inspired. Above and below are a few Valentines I found crusing the internet. Aren't they cute? I love that we have another holiday to look forward to and celebrate with the Little Man. I can remember being in school when I was younger and being so excited for Valentine's Day. It was so exciting to collect all of the sweet homemade paper hearts (or the cute storebought kind) that filled the DIY mailboxes we attached to our desks. What a sweet little way to let someone know you think they're special. No grand romantic gestures, no sweating trying to find a reservation only to eat one of the 5 items available for the evening, just a sweet little note with a loving sentiment- and maybe some chocolate. :) I look forward to when the LM is bigger and we can make some together. He is most definitely my little valentine this year
 (and his Dad ;) ) who's yours?

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