Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wintery Weekend's and Mom Mafia Delights...

We're back from a glorious long weekend in Vermont with some of our besties and we couldn't have had a better time. Everything was perfectly snowcovered and beautiful in its wintery wonderland glory. It was just what the doctor ordered.

We were able to get some great skiing/snowboarding in on Saturday afternoon with perfect blue skies and sunshine, that gave way to some magical snow flurries later in the weekend. Jax had a great time visiting all of his little buddies and we had a blast with our big buddies, which makes us partly sad that we can't spend every weekend having that much fun. HUGE THANKS to our loves, the Owens' for having so many of us this weekend and for being such gracious hosts and friends, as usual. We love you guys.

The best part of the weekend though from a Mom standpoint, were all of the great tips and product finds that were shared with me by some of my mom idols.

My amazing friend Amy is the kind of Mom that I aspire to be- her kids are sweet, considerate, kind little loves and she makes it all seem effortless.

To boot she always find the best products for kids and is kind enough to pass on the wealth, which as you know, is a theory I subscribe to wholeheartedly.

This past weekend she told me about two great label companies that have a seemingly endless array of uses.

Stuck On You is a great company that makes adorable little sticker labels for everything from labeling bottles to backpacks with your child's name on them, so as to not confuse who owns what at school and daycare. They also make a cute line of labels identifying the now ever present kid allergies, so you can rest easy knowing that anyone looking over your child when they are not with you, will know not to give them that helping of PB&J or the pint of milk that everyone else is enjoying with their cookies.
They also make adorable star charts for tracking and rewarding good behavior.

If you order some lables from S.O.Y for your little bean, pass on the "Mom's helping other Mom's" good will and check off the agent box on your order with Kate Lester as the agent, as she was the original Mom who passed along this great company to Amy (envisioning the makings of a kick ass Mom Mafia happening here.)

Another great label company that Amy passed along was Mabel's Label's that is based in Canada and make super durable iron on clothing label's for kids that withstand the abuse of constant washing and they don't irritate sensitive skin.

Our other friend Jill who is an incredible mom practicing mostly green principles and makes it look so easy that she has me green with envy, bought Jax the cutest little pouch to carry around his treat's in once he's snacking on the go.

Per their website, SnackTaxi's are a great alternative to plastic ziploc bags for carrying around snacks and sandwiches, especially when one reusable bag has the potential to eliminate 1000 plastic bags in its lifetime. An important fact to recognize when an estimated 4 billion plastic bags end up as litter each year. Tied end to end, that's enough to circle the Earth 63 times!

SnackTaxi's have a 100% cotton exterior and can be machine washed and dried or simply handwashed and air dried. They were developed by a mother of 3 (noticing a trend here?) and come in a bunch of adorable fabrics and colors.

Here are a few examples of the super cute SnackTaxi.

All of these fab finds for the little ones that I can now pass on to you, while spending quality time with my friends in a beautiful relaxing setting? Weekend Success.

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